Left to right: Gabrielle Griffin-Mathieu, Zeev Rosberger, Patricia Zhu, Ben Haward, Ovi Tatar, Samara, Eytan, and Liev Perez

Welcome to our lab home page!

We are the Psychosocial Preventive Health Behaviours Lab at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research! In our research, we evaluate the psychosocial factors affecting individuals’ understanding and intentions surrounding preventative health measures such as vaccination, routine screening, and public health guidelines. In doing so, we seek to gain insight into how people view these measures, and how they can be adapted to better protect all of us. These are some of the questions we investigate:

  • What are Canadian’s attitudes and beliefs about the HPV vaccine?
  • How can cervical cancer screening programs protect more women?
  • What are Canadian women’s views of the HPV DNA test, and what needs to be addressed before these tests are used for routine screening?
  • Can altruistic messaging increase the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination among young people?
  • What are young adults’ preferences for COVID-19 public health measures, and how can public health agencies better shape guidelines to ensure compliance in this group?

We hope our website can give you some insight into what we do. To get in touch, use the “contact us” page above!